• About Glatfelter

    About Glatfelter

    About Glatfelter Glatfelter is a global supplier of specialty paper and engineered products, delivering quality products and solutions to a diverse portfolio of markets and customers.  The skills and knowledge...

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  • Beyond Paper

    Beyond Paper

    Beyond Paper Glatfelter specialty papers are used in a multitude of end-use applications the world over, from beverage infusion to medical diagnostics, and composite structures to thermal barrier materials. Leading...

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  • A Global Career

    A Global Career

    A Global Career The opportunity to grow your experience is something that is important to career focused graduate and apprentice candidates alike. The responsible growth and development of Glatfelter People...

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  • Apprenticeships


    Apprenticeships Earn while you learn and start your career with a Glatfelter apprenticeship. The Glatfelter apprenticeship scheme is open to candidates aged between 16 and 24, with a minimum of...

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  • Internships


    Internships Gaining industry workplace experience can be invaluable when pursuing a career post graduation; internships at Glatfelter give you the experiences you need to get one step ahead of the...

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  • Graduates


    Graduates Are you talented, determined, ambitious and passionate about a career in paper?  Then we would really like to meet you… At Glatfelter we believe the best leaders are often...

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  • Events


    Events The Glatfelter CFBU recruitment team attends careers events throughout the UK where you can speak with industry professionals about the paper industry, the opportunities available and what it takes...

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  • Sustainable Careers

    Sustainable Careers

    Sustainable Careers At the core of Glatfelter’s vision to become the global supplier of choice in specialty papers and engineered products is the imperative for sustainable growth—putting our resources and...

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  • Get In Touch

    Get In Touch

    Get In Touch Contact the Glatfelter UK recruitment team by filling out the form below: (Required*) Alternatively you can email us directly at [email protected] or call us on 01594 846495...

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Look Beyond with Glatfelter CFBU

Glatfelter Composite Fibres Business Unit (CFBU) is a leading global developer and manufacturer of specialty food and beverage filtration papers, metallized papers and technical papers used for everything from laminates to medical supplies and electronic capacitors.

We thrive on talented people who are committed to driving the future development of our market leading products and their application the world over. If you’re passionate about a career in paper then we would really like to meet you.